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At the age of 13, I came across a Petri 35mm, and since that day I have never stopped photographing both for work and for myself. Photographic research has been a constant activity of mine, both with film and digital, which I have never given up, and which has led me, over the years, to explore and navigate new forms of expression and imagination. For me, photography is a chance to communicate, to write as I see things and reality.  I am a lucky man who has been photographing with extreme pleasure for over thirty years. I have always given absolute importance to the study of light, which is the basis of every photograph. Light is the narrative voice of the image, without it there is no breath, light tells by emphasizing every single line, every density, every color, every body.
In 1980, together with 4 other photographers, he founded the Studio Spazio Visivo in Rome, which mainly deals with Advertising and Art and Culture.
The studio was among the first to have a USA-made "Immaginator" system for electronic image processing at the end of the 1980s, before the birth of the first PCs and Photoshop. So I followed the transformation of photography from the beginning, absorbing it
  the numerous  potential.
Today I mainly make my images with high definition digital equipment, but I still keep my optical cameras
  Sinar, to work in film, when I feel the need.
Photography has changed its aspect in recent years, but it retains its great communicative capacity with additional tools that offer great creative potential and open up great visual horizons.


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