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SEMIDEI collection
Curated by Roberta Melasecca

S ergioVecia re-elaborates her discoveries through the photographic medium: observes with amazement, fascinated by the mysterious and ineffable presence and by the enigmas of almost alien and alien forms. It includes its primary and elementary imaginative force, enclosed and crystallized, ready, according to a precise and carefully designed plan, to explode and develop. It arranges each seed, small or large, variously fraught with diversity, under the continuous flow of light: suspended in an intermediate dimension, each seed reveals itself, reveals the plots of its complexity, keeping intact and preserved the secret of life that flows. Each shot is a game of ethereal flashes that, in the shadows, declare sleeping beings: they patiently await changes and passages, suspend vital processes or control the genes that characterize them, only because they inevitably emerge existence. With the need to probe the infinite varieties, almost as if to respond to a need for cataloging, Vecia wears an invisible lens, revealing sounds and perfumes, movements and cadences to our senses, in a concertation of still unexpressed dances, until he himself coincides as a part of the whole. 

Technique: photography
  high definition digital, "Lambda 130" laser photo print, iron frame with natural oxidation.

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